Smyth County Sheriff's Office

Investigations Division -

The Investigations Division is commanded by Captain Bill Eller. There are fours investigators assigned to the investigations division.

Bill Eller, Captain
Kevin Terry, Lt.
Tony McCormick, Sgt.

Scott Prater, Lt.
Carol Smith


The Investigations Division responds to all major crime scenes such as homicide, sexual assaults, narcotics, robbery, fraud, assault, and extortion. Members of this department have received specialized training in the identification of evidence, as well as the collection and preservation of such evidence by the Virginia Forensic Science Academy. The investigators are skilled in the documentation of crime scenes, which includes the photography and sketching of scenes. Evidence is submitted to the Division of Forensic Science for analysis.
If you have information regarding any criminal activity call (276) 782-4056 or use our online tips/contact form.