Smyth County Sheriff's Office

In Memory of


Communications Officer Frederick Spencer Beattie

Though the Voice is Silent, the Spirit Echoes Still”

Spencer Beattie Communications Officer

Communications Officer Frederick Spencer Beattie, age 59, passed away Tuesday, December 26, 2012. Spencer became ill while on duty in the E-911 communications center and was taken to the Smyth County Community Hospital where he passed away.

Spencer was a 8-year veteran of the Smyth County E911 Center and was a gentle giant to those who knew and worked with him.




Cpl. Christopher K. Paschal

Deputy Chris Paschal

Cpl. Christopher Kent Paschal, age 37, passed away Sunday, Jan. 4, 2009, at the Bristol Regional Medical Center.
Cpl. Paschal was involved in an off duty motor vehicle accident on Friday, January 2, 2009 and succumbed to his injuries on Sunday.
Chris was a dedicated police officer who started as a road officer and became a K-9 officer. He was also a member of the Smyth County Sheriff's Office Dive Team & Emergency Response Team (SERT). In 2007, he and his K-9 partner, Ben, graduated from the Virginia State Police/Southwest Law Enforcement Academy's Narcotics & Dog Handling School.

K9 Abram image

Abram was born on January 12, 2007 and
died on June 22, 2011 due to medical problems.

Abram served the Sheriff's Office for two years as a certified blood hound to search, follow and alert on scents of wanted individuals.