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Sheriff’s Telling Our Parents & Promoting Educated Drivers

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Sheriff R. David Bradley is pleased to introduce the STOPPED program. STOPPED is an acronym for “Sheriffs Telling Our Parents and Promoting Educated Drivers.”   The STOPPED Program is a parental notification program with the intent of reducing the number of youthful drivers involved in motor vehicle accidents. Marion Police, Chilhowie Police, and Saltville Police Departments will be supporting the Sheriff’s Office with this program.

 “Motor vehicle crashes are
the leading cause of death for
 persons between the ages
 of 15-20.”

The Smyth County Sheriff’s Office has adopted this program and offers parents this voluntary notification system to extend their watchful eyes and raise the awareness of drivers under the age of 21. 

How It Works
Parents voluntarily register with the Smyth County Sheriff’s Office any motor vehicle that will be operated by a driver under the age 21.  Click Here for Registration Form

What then
An identification decal is issued and affixed to the windshield of each registered vehicle. It will be placed in the vehicle’s front window below the tint line in the top left corner above the steering wheel.

Display of Stopped Decal on windshield

What to expect
If for any reason the registered vehicle, when operated by a driver under the age of 21, is stopped by a Smyth County Law Enforcement Officer, the officer will complete a notification card providing the following information: 

Time and location of stop
Driver’s Name and the number of passengers
Reason for the stop
Whether any traffic tickets were issued

Notification will be mailed directly to parents to make them aware of potential problems and enable them to enforce any parental rules that often coexist with teenage driving privileges.

“Your teenager may borrow the keys to the family
car, but as parents you hold the keys to their future.
Please join the STOPPED Program and let the
Sheriff’s Office become your partner in promoting
 young driver safety.”

                                                     Sheriff R. David Bradley

Enrollment into the S.T.O.P.P.E.D. Program will provide teenagers with a constant visual reminder of their accountability as they travel on their own.

Click Here for Registration Form