Smyth County Sheriff's Office

Warrant and Civil Process Division

Warrant Division
The Criminal Warrant Office is responsible for the service of all criminal warrants and capiases issued by the courts. In 2013, approximately 2,818 criminal warrants/papers were served.
Captain Mark Blevins is responsible for serving criminal warrants.
If you have information regarding someone with an outstanding warrant, please call (276) 782-4056 or use our online tips/contact form.
Civil Process Division
Captain Mark Blevins supervises the Civil Process Division.  The deputy are responsible for serving civil papers. 
Tony Morris, Sgt.

In 2013, approximately 13,656 civil papers were served.  Civil papers include subpoenas, writs, show causes, garnishments, summons, and warrants in debt throughout the County of Smyth.  They also execute evictions, levies on property, sales and seizures of property.
For information regarding a civil paper, you may reach the Smyth County Sheriff's Office Civil Division at (276) 782-4056.