Smyth County Animal Control and Shelter provides for the humane treatment of stray, neglected and abused animals. We wish to provide our professional assistance for the health and protection of the residents of Smyth County.



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Animal Control


Pet Adoption Procedures:

1.  Residents of Smyth County and adjacent counties may adopt pets from Smyth County Animal Shelter with proper identification required.

2.  Every new owner of a pet adopted from Smyth County Animal Control Shelter shall have the pet sterilized within thirty days of the pet turning six months of age, or within thirty days if the pet is over six months of age.

3.  Each pet is required to be vaccinated for rabies within seven days, if it is four months of age or older.  Rabies vaccination is required for each pet, upon turning four months of age.

4.  Return of the proper paperwork (sterilization and rabies certificates) is required within seven days of sterilization.

Pet Adoption Fees:

ALL Dogs $60.00
Female Cats $55.00
Male Cats $40.00