Smyth County Animal Control and Shelter provides for the humane treatment of stray, neglected and abused animals. We wish to provide our professional assistance for the health and protection of the residents of Smyth County.


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Animal Control

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the shelter spay or neuter my adopted animal(s)?

The shelter does not have a veterinarian on staff to spay or neuter animals.   However, assistance may be available through the Smyth County Humane Society for spaying or neutering.

*Only Emergency Services are provided after normal operating hours

•I am having problems with wild animals, can Animal Control help me?

Animal Controls provides services in regards to domestic animals only.  Wildlife complaints need to be directed to the Department of Game and Inland Fisheries(276) 783-4860.

•What are the leash and restraint laws in Smyth County?

It is unlawful for dogs to run at large in Smyth County.

•Can I handle the dogs and cats at the Shelter?

We do not allow handling of the animals prior to adoption due to liability concerns.  We must protect the public and the animals.

•Will animal control pick up cats?

We do not pick up cats, however we do accept cats at the shelter from Smyth County residents only.