Smyth County Animal Control and Shelter provides for the humane treatment of stray, neglected and abused animals. We wish to provide our professional assistance for the health and protection of the residents of Smyth County.



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Animal Control

Licensing and Vaccination

Vaccination and Licensing of Smyth County Pets

1.  The owner or custodian of all dogs and domestic cats, four months of age and older, shall have them currently vaccinated for rabies by a licensed veterinarian.

2.  It shall be unlawful for any person to own a dog or cat four months of age and older without proper licensing.  Smyth County Pet Licensing runs by the calendar year, from January 1 until December 31.  The pet license may be obtained from the Smyth County Treasurer's Office when you show receipt of current rabies vaccination for your pet.



Annual Pet License Fees


1 Year Fees:  
Unsexed $2.00
Male $4.00
Female $5.00
Kennel $25.00
Duplicate $0.25
3 Year Fees:   
Unsexed $6.00
Male $12.00
Female $15.00