The mission of Smyth County Building and Zoning Department is to provide the very best inspection services possible and administer county ordinances in a friendly, courteous, and professional manner, which ensures the health, safety, and welfare of Smyth County citizens.

Building and Zoning

Frequently Asked Questions

Planning to build? Before you purchase your land be sure to:

1.  Contact the Smyth County Health Department for approval of sewer and water if
public sewer and water lines are not available.
2.  Check for zoning restrictions
3.  Check deed for deed restrictions
4.  Ask the Zoning Administrator if the land is in the floodplain.


How can the county tell me what I can do or can’t do on property that I own?
If a property owner can do anything with his or her property, the property rights
of neighboring landowners can be damaged or destroyed.  The zoning ordinance is
a measure designed to protect citizens against actions that would be detrimental
to the health, safety, and welfare of the community.  Zoning is a planning tool that
has been upheld in every state as a constitutional local government function.  
In Virginia, 87 of the 95 counties have a zoning ordinance, including our neighbors, Washington County, Bland County, and Grayson County.


Will zoning increase my real estate taxes?    
Zoning is a separate matter from taxation.  The amount of taxes a property owner
pays is determined by the assessed value.  The assessed value of property is
determined by its market demand, not its zoning.  Zoning in and of itself does not
add or determine property value.    Example: A piece of property adjacent to the
Interstate with sewer and water will be assessed based on its location and
development potential  -  not whether it is zoned agricultural or commercial. 


Where can I get a  copy of the ordinance?  
Copies are available in the County Zoning Administrator’s office in the Smyth County
Office Building.  Also the, the  zoning map is available for viewing at the County Office Building.  The ordinance is also available on the Smyth County web site at