The mission of Smyth County Building and Zoning Department is to provide the very best inspection services possible and administer county ordinances in a friendly, courteous, and professional manner, which ensures the health, safety, and welfare of Smyth County citizens.


Building and Zoning

Permit Information

Information you will need to provide in order to purchase a building permit includes:

Building Plans: Check with the building inspector to see if the state code requires
your project to have a set of plans designed by an architect or engineer. If plans are
required, we will need two weeks to review the plans; or if you prefer, you may send
your plans to an approved certified plan reviewer.

Erosion Control Plans: If your project will disturb 10,000 square feet of ground or more,
you will need to file an erosion control site plan and narrative. (A single-family dwelling
is an exception to this requirement.) We will give you a packet of information to help
you file an erosion control plan.

Sewage Disposal Permit: If you do not have a connection to a public sewer line, you
will need to apply for a septic tank permit from the Smyth County Health Department.
Contact our office and we will explain this process to you.

Zoning Permit: We will need a copy of your zoning permit.

Highway Entrance Permit: If your project site is in the county, you may need to
obtain a highway entrance permit from the Virginia Department of Transportation.

Flood Elevation Certificate: If your project is located in the floodplain, you may
need to employ a surveyor to issue an elevation certificate showing that your floor
will be one foot above flood elevation.  The Zoning Department administers the
flood ordinance.

Asbestos Report: The state requires an asbestos report on some projects before
a building permit is issued. The building inspector will advise you if your project
requires an asbestos report.

House Plans Form:  Plans are required on residential buildings but do not have to
be designed by an architect.

Smyth County Building Inspection will explain these state requirements to you.
Just ask! We are here to help you.