Clerk of Circuit Court

The Clerk of the Circuit Court is a constitutional official that is elected to an eight-year term by the voters of Smyth County. The Clerk is charged with more than 800 statutory responsibilities that include judicial and non-judicial duties.

The Clerk provides administrative support for Circuit Court by preparing, recording, and maintaining court orders, subpoenas, and pleadings. The Clerk's Office also manages juries, disposal of evidence, collection of criminal fines and costs.

Inquiries concerning the Court's procedures and policies and the records should be directed to the Clerk's Office, which serves as a repository for the Court's records. The Clerk's Office routinely provides statistical data, case-related information and court documents to state, local, and federal agencies as well as to the general public, litigants, attorneys, and the media.

Non-judicial duties include the authority to probate wills, grant administration of estates, appoint guardians, issue marriage licenses, concealed handgun permits. The Clerk acts as the Register of Deeds by recording all deeds, deeds of trust, real estate liens, releases and powers of attorney.

The Clerk's Office generates substantial revenue for the state and county annually.

The Clerk acts as the county archivist by maintaining records of the Court, real estate, probate and numerous other county records. Records management is an immense and critical responsibility of the Clerk's Office due to the volume and types of records. The Clerk's Office maintains records dating back to 1832, the year of the county's formation. Efficient operation of the Clerk's Office is critical to the business climate in Smyth County.

Fee Changes


Effective September 1, 2014, by action of the Smyth County Board of Supervisors, some costs and civil filing fees in the Smyth Circuit Court will increase by no more than $5.00.  This will not effect recording fees for deeds.

Before filing any action, please call the Circuit Court Clerk's Office at 276-782-4044 or go online to the civil filing fee calculator:

Frequently, there are fee changes for the Circuit Court. Please refer to the Supreme Court of Virginia's website, Circuit Fees page (, to obtain the current fees.