Clerk of Circuit Court

General Information

Inclement Weather Court Closings

The Circuit Court renders an essential service to the public; therefore, it is rare that the Court closes due to inclement weather. In addition, state law provides that the Circuit Court Clerk's Office may be closed only upon order of the Court. Therefore, in the event of inclement weather, the Court, not county administration, determines whether the Court and the Clerk's Office will be closed. Accordingly, please note that media announcements regarding inclement weather closings/delayed openings for Smyth County government offices do not apply to the Circuit Court or its Clerk's Office.

Inclement weather closings will be announced through various media outlets. To confirm the operating hours of the Circuit Court Clerk's Office in the event of inclement weather, please call (276) 782-4044 or email us at

Parking is permitted in any area except those that are marked “reserved” in the courthouse parking lot. There is no fee for parking.