Commissioner of Revenue

Real Estate Tax


Contact: Dolly Robinson

For amount due, please contact the Treasurer's Office.

Filing requirements Real Estate Tax:
Annual filing requirements are not required in Smyth County.  Information on 
real estate is obtained from the Clerk of the Court and the Smyth County
Building Inspector's office.

Reassessments are conducted periodically by authorized appraisers to adjust
accounts to reflect the current market value. The last reassessment was conducted by
Blue Ridge General Appraisers in 2014.

The next reassessment is scheduled by the Board of Supervisors for 2020, but is subject to change.

Mailing address changes need to be provided to Dolly Robinson by calling or writing to
the Commissioner of the Revenue office at 276-782-4040 ext. 1, or PO Box 985 Marion VA 24354.

·Request Land Use Application  


Filing Land Use Applications:
Sample Land Use Application Form (click to view)
Individuals using their real estate for agricultural purposes may be eligible for Land Use
classification.  Key factures in qualification include:
1) Agricultural use of property - Pasture
2)  Minimum of 5 Acres
3)  Application completed  in year of reassessment per Board of Supervisors 
       or completed between November 1st to December 31st of any following year 
4)  Real Estate Taxes are paid in full on property
5)  Land Use Application Fee paid with application
6)  Wooded land is a minimum of 20 acres
If property meets Land Use standards, the property will be taxed at a lower value, 
resulting in a lower Real Estate tax.  The fair market value of the property stays 
the same, the land use value is just used for tax purposes.
For more information, call the Commissioner of the Revenue office at 276-782-4040 ext 1 or 2.