Virginia Retirement System


Smyth County is a member of the Virginia Retirement System (VRS). VRS provides retirement benefits to public sector employees in Virginia.  You contribute up to 5% of your compensation each month to your member contribution account through a pre-tax salary reduction.  Your contributions are tax-deferred until you withdraw them as part of your retirement benefit or as a refund. Your employer makes a separate contribution to VRS for all covered employees. VRS invests contributions to provide for your future benefit payment.

 VRS Plan Comparison Guide
   -Plan 1 Information 
   -Plan 1 Hazardous Duty Information
   -Plan 2 Information 
   -Plan 2 Hazardous Duty Information 
 Hybrid Plan
   -Hybrid Handbook
   -Hybrid Publications
   -ICMA-RC 457 Voluntary Contributions
      *ICMA-RC Beneficiary Form 
   -Standard Life Short Term Disability Information
   -Standard Life Long Term Disability Information
 Group Life Insurance
   -Group Term Life Certificate of Insurance
   -VRS Beneficiary Form

If you have any questions regarding your employee benefits, please contact Christy Bise, HR Director, at or 276-706-8326.