Smyth County Sheriff's Office

Court Security/Transportation Department


The Court Security/Transport Division is supervised by Captain Tony Powers.  There are two full time and several part time deputies responsible for courtroom security and transportation.

Alan Miller, Sgt
Deputy Tee Smith
The Court Security section is responsible for maintaining order within the County's Circuit Courtroom, General District Courtroom, and Juvenile and Domestic Relations Courtroom. The division also provides support services to judges as situations dictate, opening and closing court sessions, calling cases appearing before the court, managing jurors, bringing defendants and inmates before the court, and performing other related tasks as required by the courts.  Their duties include the protection of life and property for judges, court personnel, attorneys, citizens, and prisoners.  They ensure court proceedings take place in a safe and orderly manner.

Mask Requirements: Masks are required entering the Courthouse.  All persons traveling or waiting in a hallway, stairwell, elevator, lobby or common area of the Courthouse for whatever purpose, will be required to stay masked in those areas. Upon reaching the courtroom, Clerk's office, Constitutional Officer's office or other office area in which they are working/conducting business, they will be allowed to follow the directive of the respective judge, clerk, or the respective constitutional officer or head of the office area concerning the ability to remove such facial masks.

Items not allowed in court:

Guns Tools
Knives Glass Bottles
Box Cutters Unauthorized Badges
Hand Cuff Keys Food and Drinks
Cell Phones Flashlights 
Pepper spray Pocketbooks 
Backpacks Recording Devices

These deputies are responsible for transportation of inmates from other jurisdictions for court appearances.  Extraditions of wanted fugitives from other states are transported by these deputies to stand trial.

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