Treasurer Tom Burkett, MGT


Tom Burkett, Smyth County Treasurer

Dear Friends and Visitors,

Welcome to the Smyth County Treasurer's Office website.  I am pleased you have chosen
to visit the site, and hope you will find the information you need.
Since being elected in 1999, I have worked very hard to do a good job for all
of the people of Smyth County.  I appreciate the confidence that you have
placed in me and will continue to search, on a daily basis, for ways to better
serve you.  I invite each of you to visit the Treasurer's Office and always welcome
your suggestions.  Again, thank you for the honor of working with you for the
betterment of Smyth County.
Tom Burkett, MGT


Virginia Freedom of Information Act

Please contact Tom Burkett concerning any VFOIA request.  It is recommended, though not required, that VFOIA requests be made in writing. Requests can be made in person, by phone, by mail, or electronically. It is not necessary to specify the reason for your request. However, you must provide your name and legal address.

Tom Burkett
Smyth County Treasurer's Office
Smyth County Courthouse
109 West Main Street, Suite G024
Marion, VA 24354
Phone: 276-782-4059

Learn More About VFOIA
More information about the Virginia FOIA can be found through the Virginia Freedom of Information Advisory Council.
Read the The Virginia Freedom of Information Act online