Water and Sewer

For over 30 years the Smyth County Water and Sewer Department has been delivering
quality water and wastewater services to its residents, industries, and commercial
customers throughout Smyth County.

The Departments number one goal is to plan, implement and provide water
and wastewater services throughout all of Smyth County, when feasible.

Smyth County provides its customers with water from six different sources.  The County
owns two of these sources.  The first being the Watson Gap well site near the Saltville
area.  This well is an artesian well or free flowing well.  This well is permitted for 194,400 gallons per day.  It provides water to customers in and around the Saltville area as
well as the Rich Valley area.

The second County source is the Hutton Branch well site.  This site contains the first
and only water treatment plant that Smyth County currently operates.  This facility is permitted for 118,800 gallons per day, and serves the Hutton Branch area of the County.

The remaining four sources of water belong to the Thomas Bridge Water Corporation
and the Towns of Chilhowie, Marion, and Saltville.  On the average Smyth County
purchases around 340,000 gallons per day from these four sources.

Smyth County provides water services to over 2,500 customers utilizing nearly 125 miles
of water line.  Fifteen tank sites and sixteen pump stations work accordingly to insure
both adequate pressure and quantity.

Sewer services provided by Smyth County currently include 44 miles of sewer line and 5 pumping stations.  There are approximately 1100 sewer customers on these existing
lines.  Areas around the towns of Marion, Saltville and Chilhowie are currently
being served.