Fees & Payments

Miscellaneous Fees
Note:  There will be a $50.00 return check fee imposed for all returned checks to the Smyth County Building & Zoning Department.
Item Price
Zoning Ordinance $3.00
Zoning Map-8.5 X 11 $1.00
Zoning Map-11 X 17 $2.00
Zoning Map-17 X 22 or 22 X 34 $5.00
Zoning Map-34X34 $10.00
Subdivision Ordinance $2.00
Manufactured Home Ordinance $2.00
Building Permit Listing $5.00
Contractor Listing $5.00
Manufactured Home Park Plat Review Fee $50.00
Appeals Board Fee $150.00
Planning Commission Called Meeting Reimbursement (plus mileage) $350.00
Permit Fees:
General Information for permit fees for Smyth County:
State Tax:  A levy is added to the building permit as set by the State.  All building permit fees will be rounded to the nearest dollar before the levy is computed.  Current state levy is 2.00% (.02). 
Refund Policy:  A building permit fee will be refunded at the request of the owner if the permit is not used.  However, a refund must be requested within 12 months of the date the permit is issued, and $25.00 will be forfeited to defray administrative costs in issuing the permit.  
A refund may also be requested on a discontinued project, but the building inspection department reserves the right to withhold an amount to defray the expenses of all inspections that were made plus $25.00 for the administrative costs involved in writing the permit. 
Renewing Permit:  If six months elapse between requests for an inspection, the owner may request a six-month extension of the building permit.  However, after a twelve month period
elapses, the owner must pay the minimum permit fee to renew the original permit for another twelve months.  Permits more than thirty-six months old cannot be renewed, and the applicant
shall purchase a new permit for the portion of the work that has not been completed. 
Partial Permits:  If an owner or contractor requests permission to obtain a permit on part of a project, the entire fee shall be paid with the first partial permit and ensuing permits will be issued
without charge.  If the owner or contractor requests separate permits to be issued to the general contractor and subcontractors, the entire building permit fee shall be paid with the general
contractor’s permit. 

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