Electoral Board

The Smyth County Electoral Board is composed of three members appointed by the circuit court judge. Two of the members represent the political party of the current Virginia Governor and one member represents the party receiving the second highest number of votes for that office.

The primary duties of the Electoral Board include the appointment of the General
Registrar, appointing all officers of election and overseeing the administration of
all elections held in Smyth County.

Electoral Board members serve a three-year staggered term.

Virginia State Board of Elections

Contact Information for the Electoral Board:

Sandy Elswick
Smyth County Registrar of Voters
Phone:  276-706-8332
Email:  scelswick@smythcounty.org

The current board members are:
Chairman-Nancy Hollyfield
Vice-Chairman-Jane Williston 
Secretary- Vickie L. Hale

homea Smyth County Office Building
121 Bagley Circle, Suite 422        
Marion, VA  24354

clocka Monday - Friday: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm EST

phonea Phone: (276) 706-8332

fax FAX: (276) 783-9055

directions The Registrar is located on the fourth floor of the Smyth County Office Building

map Google Map