Local Board of Building Code Appeals

02members10We are not the final word. If you disagree with our interpretation of a building code requirement, you may appeal our decision to the Smyth County Board of Building Code Appeals. The Appeals Board is composed of contractors and designers who live in Smyth County. If you decide to appeal a decision, we will give you a packet of information on how to file the appeal.

The  Local Board of Building Code Appeals meets the first Tuesday of each month in the Smyth County Board Room at 5:30 PM, if an application for variance and appeal has been submitted. Should no applications be received within the calendar year, the Board will meet on the first Tuesday of January. If the first Tuesday falls on a holiday, then the Board will meet on the second Tuesday. November meetings may be rescheduled due to Election Day.  Contact the Zoning Administrator for filing deadlines.

Brian Reynolds
Les Whitt
Bill Huber
Jim May

For more information contact:
Becca Creasy, Clerk
Ph:  (276)783-3298 ext. 8316
Fax:  (276) 783-9314
Email:  bcreasy@smythcounty.org