Water & Sewer FAQs

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Water and Sewer
Why is my bill so high?
First, check the consumption period. Typically, bills are rendered on 28 to 32 day cycles.  From time to time due to length of month, weather, or necessary re-reading of your meter the number of days reflected on your bill may be extended.
Second, did you have guests during this period, or have you added any new appliances, water softener or icemaker for example?
Third, before you call us, check for leaks.   If you have a leak it might be possible for you to determine where it is.  The leak could be between the house and meter.   Once you have made all necessary repairs call our office and we will try to arrange for a leak adjustment to be given on next month’s bill. 
Why is my water pressure so low?
First, if you have water softeners put it on bypass and see if the pressure is improved. Problem may be your water softener.  If the problem persists, clean all the screens in your faucets to make sure there are no obstructions causing the low pressure. 
Second, if you have found all of the above clean and not obstructed, call our office and see if there have been other calls from your area regarding pressure problems. Sometimes we are working on the lines and the pressure will be temporarily low. 
Why am I getting a bill when I am not even connected to the County water system?
From the time you get the water meter installed your service begins and you will begin to receive a monthly water and/or sewer bill whether you are hooked to the system or not
Sometimes my water taste or smells like chlorine.  Is my water safe to drink?
Tests results show that our drinking water is in full compliance with all standards established by the federal and state agencies that regulate public water supplies.  Chlorine is a necessary chemical used to disinfect drinking water.  Some people are more sensitive to the smell of chlorine than others.  To eliminate the taste and odor, fill a container with tap water and place it in the refrigerator until chilled. 
What causes my water to become discolored or cloudy once in a while?
Water is piped under pressure throughout the distribution system.  Occasionally air can be trapped in the water mains or more likely in the household plumbing causing the water to turn cloudy.  This is only a temporary condition and will clear up in a short time.  Some rust form older mains may cause red, brown or yellow water when the pipes are disturbed.  You may see this condition at your tap during main water breaks, hydrant flushing, valve repair/operation, or hydrant use.  Wait until the water clears before doing laundry to prevent staining of clothes.  If discolored water persists, call our office at 276-783-3298 ext. 8328 or 8329