Public Notice



Public notice is hereby given that the Smyth County Board of Equalization will hold an organizational meeting on the day hereafter listed for the purpose of the election of officers, establishing procedures, and setting future meeting dates for hearing of appeals, complaints, or inequalities in property assessments.

The Board of Equalization initial/organizational meeting will be held at:

Smyth County Courthouse

Hearing Room 2072

Friday, June 14, 2024 @1:00 PM-2:00 PM

If you have any questions, please call 276-706-8312. Additional dates and times for appeals will be scheduled and advertised after this initial meeting. Appellants have the right to review and obtain copies of all assessment records pertaining to the assessor’s office determination of fair market value of such real property and to request a physical examination of subject property. These records are available by calling 276-706-8312.

In compliance with the provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act, persons requiring special assistance to attend and participate in this hearing   should   contact   Clegg Williams, ADA Coordinator at (276) 706‐8315 at least 24 hours prior to the hearing.


Smyth County fully complies with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and related statutes and regulations in all programs and activities. For more information, or to obtain a Title VI Discrimination Complaint Form, contact (276) 783-3298 or at

By order of the Smyth County Board of Equalization